What is UseNet?

This is the original social network, which precedes in some cases Web forums, blogs, Twitter and even the Web. This could be described as a cross between a discussion forum and a file-sharing platform, but that would not be entirely accurate. Most Internet service providers no longer provide direct access to its service, but that does not mean it is lost. In some large groups, the debate is still very lively. The main reason why Usenet is still alive is file sharing.


The most important thing to keep in mind when visiting binary newsgroups is finding a provider with fast servers that will keep copies of the binary file loaded on a newsgroup for as long as possible.

Why use ViperNews?

ViperNews differs from most opponents in that, it provides access to Usenet. You can have direct access to it from any web browser, disregarding the need for a specific newsgroup. It offers three different packages. You can choose between Viper10, Viper50 and Viper UNL. All of these packages are intended for different types of users.

 There are of course many different providers on the Internet. But there is no other platform for discussion groups that can offer you the same service and quality as ViperNews at affordable prices.