What is Business Architecture?

We can define Business Architecture as a tiny part within the entire Enterprise Architecture. It is often used within companies to align business insights and activities to achieve strategic goals. You could see it as a missing link between the entire organization with regard to business functionality and strategy.

When looking at Business Architecture, research on perfect Business Architecture is often divided into 4 parts, which we will discuss below:

Business Architecture

Business Architecture describes how the company is organized and which options are needed to deliver the perfect business vision. You could think of it as Vision versus Mission. Business Architecture focuses on the questions of What and Who? Who are you and what do you stand for? What is the company’s vision, what is the strategy and what are the objectives of the organization? Who provides these business services or capabilities?

Application Architecture

Application Architecture describes the individual state of the services and processes and how these processes work. The total implementation, performances and business processes of the organization. Application Architecture responds to demand; How? How are business services or opportunities performed? What are the positive points that are gained from this? What works well and what not?

Data architecture

Data Architecture describes the structure by means of data and sources for the data management of an organization. How are we doing? What is the customer waiting for? Which service is going well and which product is not going as well? By getting to know about your customers and the demand for the service and / or products through a data analysis, you can continuously improve these business processes.

Technology Architecture

Technology Architecture describes the software and technical requirements necessary to run all the business, data and application services. You can also include a Business Management Process (BPM) tool for this. A good example of a tool is the BlueDolphin tool from the software company ValueBlue. Such a tool provides insights through many tables, diagrams, figures and detailed analyses within the company; which could give you insight into the disappointing phases, better departments or the demand for modernization within your company.