A mobile deburring plasma machine: the best option for a small workplace

Q-fin developed a mobile plasma deburring machine. The F200 is the best option for manufacturers with a small workplace. This machine fits into smaller working places. Our experts designed the F200 for deburring and grinding smaller workpieces with a width between 10 and 200 mm.

A unique plasma deburring machine

The F200 is a unique plasma deburring machine that is standard equipped with a brush-height tracking system and a simple operating system. It is available in two support systems: a vacuum system for non-ferrous metals or a magnet system for ferrous metals. Both systems ensure you an effective fixation of your products. Your products will simply look better.

Available in various versions

The F200 has two processing stations and is available in various versions:

  • For a perfect edge rounding: the brush and the brush version
  • for an optimal deburring and edge rounding: abrasive belt and brush version
  • For the application of a grinded structure on strips and workpieces: abrasive belt and abrasive belt version

Q-fin delivers the F200 with a starter kit which include abrasives, grinding materials, a brush and five abrasive belts.

Do you want to know more about this innovative deburring machine? Than take a look at our website or contact one of our experts for more information.