4 Most Common Dart Flight Shapes

Dart flights come in various shapes and sizes in the market and if you are serious about the darts sport or are just new to the field it is important for you to understand each dart flight shape’s importance application. One exciting aspect about darts is that you can get customized dart flights. You can customize according to your desires like maybe get a text printed or a distinct color with a personalized print etc.

Here are 4 of the most common dart flight shapes available in the market-

  1. Pear flight: A pear flight has edges that are rounded and is much rounded when compared to all the other flights. The beautiful pear shape allows better lift even with a smaller area. Dart players find it convenient to place their darts as desired using pear-shaped flights.
  2. Standard flight: Standard dart flights are probably the most common dart shape to be widely utilized by many. This shape allows stabilizing the dart’s flight path. It is also ideal for someone who wishes to play without having to apply much force.
  3. Kite flight: This flight is named kite because it is shaped like a kite. Dart flights in the shape kite are wide at the end and cut a sharp angle towards the shaft. This beautiful shape offers great control over the dart to players.
  4. Slim flight: This type of dart flight is ideal for people who tend to throw darts with a greater force. Slim dart flights are smaller than standard dart flights and preferred by players who use darts that are light in weight or have shorter shafts. Slim dart flights are also beneficial if you wish to reduce the possibility of dart bounce rate from the board.

With the help of the above information, you can now easily invest on the right dart flight based on its shape. You can also opt for customized dart flights to make your darts stand apart from the crowd or just to make it look interesting.