universal härteprüfmaschine

Vor dem Kauf einer universal Härteprüfmaschine macht es Sinn sich mit verschiedenen Aspekten zu beschäftigen. Generell kommt die Maschine in Bereichen zum Einsatz, in denen die Härte verschiedener Gegenstände geprüft werden müssen. Der große Vorteil – der Gegenstand wird nicht zerstört. Außerdem gibt es verschiedene Varianten zu kaufen. Welche das sind und was bei der… Continue reading universal härteprüfmaschine

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Outdoor Two Seater Lounge

If you want to add value to your property while still making it good looking, why not try incorporating outdoor living. One way you can make your outdoor living spectacular is by fitting an outdoor two seater lounge. You will have a perfect lounge feeling with this tailor-made product in your garden. With this product… Continue reading Outdoor Two Seater Lounge

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What is Business Architecture?

We can define Business Architecture as a tiny part within the entire Enterprise Architecture. It is often used within companies to align business insights and activities to achieve strategic goals. You could see it as a missing link between the entire organization with regard to business functionality and strategy. When looking at Business Architecture, research… Continue reading What is Business Architecture?

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Fixing my motorcycle

I have had my 1954 Triumph Thunderbird 650CC for a while now. It is exactly as old as I am, and we have been together for most of our lives. It is a beautiful green-golden bike with a suede buddy seat, with fringe and all. It is a magnificent beauty. I always use it for… Continue reading Fixing my motorcycle

What is UseNet?

This is the original social network, which precedes in some cases Web forums, blogs, Twitter and even the Web. This could be described as a cross between a discussion forum and a file-sharing platform, but that would not be entirely accurate. Most Internet service providers no longer provide direct access to its service, but that… Continue reading What is UseNet?

A mobile deburring plasma machine: the best option for a small workplace

Q-fin developed a mobile plasma deburring machine. The F200 is the best option for manufacturers with a small workplace. This machine fits into smaller working places. Our experts designed the F200 for deburring and grinding smaller workpieces with a width between 10 and 200 mm. A unique plasma deburring machine The F200 is a unique… Continue reading A mobile deburring plasma machine: the best option for a small workplace

Looking for carbon fabric fiber?

Looking for carbon fabric fiber? At Compositesplaza you are at the right place. We offer a big collection of carbon fabric material for your products, like woven carbon fabric and tapes, multilayer fabrics and tapes, carbon fiber PREPREG, multiaxial fabric and special fabric patterns. You can use our carbon fabric fiber in many lightweight applications.… Continue reading Looking for carbon fabric fiber?

Starting a business in the Netherlands as a foreign

Interested in starting a business in the Netherlands as a foreign? It is a smart strategic decision to open up a business in the Netherlands. The Dutch welcome entrepreneurs from all over the world for years. It is no coincidence the Dutch speak the English language as fluently as their own Dutch language. We from… Continue reading Starting a business in the Netherlands as a foreign