How to Sync iTunes with your Samsung Galaxy Mobile Phone with Free App

Interested in syncing iTunes with your Samsung Galaxy Moible device like Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2 etc. smartphones? Follow the easy and awesome user guide.

If you’ve just switched from the iPhone to the Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Note 2 or anyother Galaxy Mobile device, you’re probably wondering what happens with your iTunes library. Can you use iTunes on my Samsung Galaxy smartphone? Is it now useless? Fortunately, we have a great tutorial for you, guaranteed to sync iTunes with your Samsung Galaxy Mobile Phone.


Don’t get too excited on how to sync your Samsung Galaxy Phone with iTunes just yet. Before anything else, you have to download an app that you are going to use later. You are required to download and install:

  • Easy Phone Sync: The application consists of two parts. One part runs on your Samsung Galaxy device (For Galaxy here), the other on your PC or Mac (For Computer here).
  • USB drivers for your Android phone (so that you can connect your phone as a USB Mass Storage device to your computer)


With the app, you can now sync your full iTunes library to your Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S3 and other Samsung Galaxy in an easy way. You can transfer contacts, messages, photos, music and videos with ease. If this is something you’re interested in doing, read our full guide below.

Note: Easy Phone Sync will only import DRM-free videos and music from iTunes. If you want to get DRMed movies ported over to your Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S3 or other Samsung Galaxy device for playback, you can refer to the detailed guide – How to Get Samsung Galaxy Mobile Phone to Play DRM-protected Videos.

The Steps (Here I take Galaxy Note 2 for example):

  1. From the Galaxy Note 2 home screen, head to the Google Play Store and download and install the Easy Phone Sync app.
  2. Next, head to and download and install the Easy Phone Sync desktop software on your PC or Mac.
  3. Install and run the Easy Phone Sync desktop software and it will automatically begin importing messages, photos, videos, music and contacts from iTunes.
  4. Now plug in your Note 2 using the USB cable to your computer and the Easy Phone Sync software should automatically recognize and open the Easy Phone Sync app on your phone.
  5. Now that the app is open, tap the sync button on your Note.
  6. That’s it. Your Galaxy Note 2 should now automatically sync with iTunes!
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One Response to How to Sync iTunes with your Samsung Galaxy Mobile Phone with Free App

  1. Erin says:

    I was wondering if someone could tell me how to add/remove songs to/from my S3 without having to sync all 9GB of music every time. Does Easy Phone Sync have a library I can access on my PC where I can organize my music I want on my S3 from iTunes, or does it not work like that at all? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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