Blu-ray/DVD Digital Copy: Transfer, Play and Backup

This article mainly guides you through transferring and downloading a Digital Copy of your purchased DVD/Blu-ray to PC or iTunes. Besides, you will get some useful tips to play and backup Digital Copies.

Maybe you’ve noticed some announced Blu-ray movies include a “Digital Copy” for download onto portable devices like iPads and iPhones. How does this work? Could I transfer this movie version to my son’s Android phone? Or to my computer via the media center? Or do I need a Blu-ray drive in my computer to access this movie file? The following passages explain this.

What’s a Digital Copy?

A Digital Copy is an extra copy of the movie you bought on Blu-ray™/DVD disc that enables you to download or stream your movie to a computer, mobile device, or Internet-connected TV, Blu-ray™ player or set top box. If your Blu-ray™ Disc or DVD has the “Digital Copy” logo on the back it will have either a Digital Copy disc inside of the box or a link to a Digital Copy web site. Follow the instructions on the insert inside of your box to redeem your Digital Copy using the disc or the web site.

How does Blu-ray Digital Copy work?

Digital Copy on Blu-ray or DVD discs works like this: in many new Blu-ray/DVD packages, you’ll have the Blu-ray disc, a Digital Copy Disc, and a small card with a code on it. When you insert the Digital Copy Disc in your computer, you’ll typically get an auto-loader for the movie, and it will give you the ability to transfer a DVD resolution copy of the movie to your computer after you entering the access code coming with the Blu-ray packages. The movies are in one of two DRM-laden formats: iTunes MPEG4, or Windows Media Player WMV.

How to transfer or download a Digital Copy

Transferring or Downloading an iTunes Digital Copy

Part 1: Transferring Digital Copies from a Digital Copy disc to iTunes
Part 2: Downloading an iTunes Digital Copy to iTunes

If you have issues transferring your iTunes Digital Copy from your Digital Copy disc to your iTunes library, you will need to contact the appropriate studio. Check Apple’s Offical Support for iTunes Digital Copy to get solutions.

To transfer iTunes Digital Copies, you must have:

  • iTunes 9 or later
  • Mac or Windows-based PC with a DVD drive
  • Internet access
  • iTunes Store account

Note: iTunes Digital Copies may not be available in some countries.

Part 1: Transferring Digital Copies from a Digital Copy disc to iTunes

  1. Open iTunes 9 or later.
  2. Insert the iTunes Digital Copy disc into your computer’s DVD drive.
  3. Wait for the DVD icon to appear on the left side of the iTunes window under Devices. Then, click it to select it.
  4. Note: If the DVD or Blu-ray does not appear in iTunes, but the disc does play without issue in your computer’s DVD application, then confirm with the vendor that the title has Digital Copy.

  5. Enter the redemption code included with your DVD or Blu-ray in the main iTunes window and click Redeem.
  6. Enter the Apple ID and password for your iTunes Store account to redeem the serial number.
  7. Track the transfer progress of your video by checking the Downloads playlist as shown below.
  8. After the transfer completes, click the Movies library in the iTunes source list to locate the transferred content.

Note: Remember to make a regular backup of your media in iTunes.

Part 2: Downloading an iTunes Digital Copy to iTunes

  1. Open iTunes 9 or later.
  2. On the left side of the iTunes, click iTunes Store.
  3. In the upper-right corner of the iTunes Store window, click the Sign In button. If you are already signed in, skip to step 5.
  4. Sign in to the iTunes Store using your Apple ID.
  5. In the QUICK LINKS window in the right column of the iTunes Store, click Redeem.
  6. In the resulting screen, enter the 12-digit code printed on the insert included with your DVD or Blu Ray disc. Then, click Redeem.
  7. You can track the progress of your download by clicking on the Downloads playlist from the Source list.

If you are experiencing issues downloading your iTunes Digital Copy, please contact iTunes Store Support.

Additional Information

Note: You can only use a Digital Copy code in the iTunes Store country for which the packaging says it will work. For example, you need a U.S. iTunes Store account to use a code from a U.S. DVD, and you need an Australian iTunes Store account to use a code from an Australian DVD.

Downloading Digital Copy to Windows Media Player

  1. Insert the Digital Copy disc into your computer’s DVD drive.
  2. Wait for the DVD icon to appear on your computer. Do double-click and it will take you to the digital copy interface. Here’s a thumbnail from Digital Copy X-MEN FIRST CLASS.
  3. Decide whether to transfer Digital Copy to iTunes or Windows Media Player. Note that it requires iTunes 9 or Windows Media® Player 11 and later version to download digital copy movies to PC. Here I choose Windows Media Player.
  4. Put in the unique Digital Copy redemption/registration code, which you will find on an insert inside of your Blu-ray™/DVD packaging. The computer must be connected to the Internet in order for the Digital Copy code to be verified.
  5. Choose source movie and target folder to transfer Digital Copy to. Then start syncing movies from Digital Copy to computer.
  6. It usually takes less than 5 minutes to download a Digital Copy movie to hard drive.
  7. After Digital Copy transfer completed, the movie can be played instantly with Windows Media Player.
  8. Digital Copy Playback in Windows Media Player:

Additional Tips

  • What am I allowed to do with the Digital Copy?

You can transfer the movie backup from digital copy to iTunes or Windows Media Player, sync with Apple portable devices like iPads, iPhones and iPods. You can also sync to Apple TV. Some movies can be transferred to ZuneHD for playback as well.

Unfortunately you can not. Film makers use DRM (Digital Right Managemet) to protect their copy-right. DRM is a technology used by content providers to control how the digital music and video files you obtain from them are used and distributed. This prevent you from watching the movies with an unauthorized media player or portable device. It is a pleasure that 20th Century Fox is aiming to change all that and will be bringing digital copy downloads to Android but I didn’t hear much about it. So far only Apple’s iPad, iPhone, ATV, iPod and Microsoft’s Xbox and Zune get authorization.

Digital Copy is nonsense? It’s your movie, you bought it, and you should be able to watch it how you want to watch, when you want to watch it. Finally, if you really need to put Digital Copy to Android device for personal use, the DRM remover ChewTune will make free digital copy out of DRM-protected contents (Or you may rip movie off DVD/Blu-ray disc when/if you have a Blu-ray Ripping program and BD drive hooked with your PC or Mac). Refer to a detailed guide here.

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